Spirit & Entity Release Hypnosis

Entity and Spirit attachment may sound spooky, but it is actually far more common than most people realize. This is not about exorcising demons. That type of experience is extremely rare. Entities are people who have died and, for whatever reason, haven’t gone into the light and are, therefore, bound to the earth. They are typically is states of confusion and/or absorbed in addictive patterns. They very often do not even realize they are dead.

These entities do not realize that the light is available to them. They also may fear/deny the light because they believe that they are going to be punished in some way, shape, or form (hell).  Some entities learn/realize that they have the ability to attach and influence people, while others attach themselves by accident, and create a variety of challenges for the person/host.

What allows spirit attachment to take place?

All of us have an energy field/aura that surrounds us. When the aura is compromised, an entity can attach themselves to an unknowing host/person. What holds true for spirt attachment also holds true for disease. When the immune system is strong/healthy it is difficult for disease to infiltrate, when a persons aura is strong/healthy it is very difficult for entities to attach themselves.

What weakens the immune system can also weaken a persons aura. While certainly not a confirmation of entity attachment, symptoms can include compulsions, suicidal thoughts allergies, obesity, and addictions. As an example, if the spirit was a alcoholic, they may seek to attach themselves to a living alcoholic in order to attempt to experience the influence of alcohol.

  • Alcohol and drug abuse weakens the aura. The stronger the substance, the greater the opportunity for attachment.
  • Strong emotions including rage, depression, anxiety, shock/grief, sustained loss of sleep—can compromise the aura.
  • Both obsessive and powerful feelings of love can open the door to spirit attachment, as in the case of a woman who had an abortion and wanted her child to stay with her because of guilt.

How can hypnosis sessions help?

While in hypnosis, it is possible to identify if an the entity has attached themselves to the client and help the spirit return to the light. Once the entities are released, it is conceivable that clients can experience a profound shift, including the elimination of negative/fearful thoughts, compulsions, stressful emotions, and in some cases physical ailments.

Spirit Release Hypnosis sessions are held in New York City 241 W 30th St, New York, NY 10001 as well as in Miami FL, Ft Lauderdale FL, and via Skype.