Past Life Regression NYC & Miami FL

Past Life Regression NYC Trained by Dr Brian Weiss


Imagine being able to free yourself from limiting behaviors and irrational fears…

While gaining a deeper insight into your purpose in life….

Most people who are interested in past life regression wonder……

“Can I identify why I have this irrational fear?”

“Will I be able to gain a deeper understanding of my purpose in life?”

“I had an instant connection with a significant person in my life. Were we together in another life?”

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You may seek Past Life Regression to experience spiritual growth or because you are simply curious as to what you might discover. You may also use Past Life Regression as a means to identify and eliminate an irrational fear or negative behavior, or because you question a particular pattern in your life. It can help you understand why you experience déjà vu, or have the same dream night after night. You do not have to believe in reincarnation to experience a successful Past Life Regression; you must only be open to the process.

New York Past Life Regression NYC

Past Life Regression allows you to gain a much deeper understanding of why you think, feel, or behave the way you do. Maybe you have a fear that you cannot explain, or feel that something is missing from your life. Maybe you are repeating negative patterns but can’t figure out how to make a change. Past Life Regression can help you find answers to why you are facing these challenges and how to overcome them.


Experiencing a rich, full life that has purpose and a higher level of consciousness

Finally shedding unwanted behaviors or fears

Understanding why some people play an important role in your life

Knowing the true meaning of ‘soul mate’

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Past Life Regression gives you an opportunity to understand challenges that you may have faced in previous lives and the means to finally rectify or eliminate them in this life. It can help you tap into talents you may have had in previous lives so that you can possibly tap into them today. Past Life Regression can also help you identify souls that you were previously connected to, enabling you to understand why some people have a significant impact on you in this life whether in a positive or negative way. You may also be able to identify those souls who have incarnated with you over and over again, giving a whole new meaning to the word soul-mate.

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If you feel stuck in life, as if you are not moving forward, Past Life Regression can help you identify any unfinished business you may have had in a previous life. It allows you to experience emotional, physical, and spiritual healing while, opening the door for deeper spiritual growth and a richer and more fulfilling life experience.

Past Life Regression allows you to access the areas of your subconscious where all of your memories are stored, even the ones from your past lives. Past Life Regression gives you the ability to release counterproductive emotional, physical, and spiritual energies while gaining insight into who you are and why you are the way you are in this life.

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Past Life Regressions are Available on Skype

Eli Bliliuos, a Master Past Life Regression Trainer and practitioner, was trained by Brian Weiss and the Michael Newton Institute (TNI). He offers sessions in New York City 241 W 30th St, New York, NY 10001, Miami FL, Ft Lauderdale FL, and via Skype.

*Even though many people have profound experiences, regressions experiences vary and cannot be guaranteed.

**Skype Sessions are not recorded.