8 Signs You Have Had Many Past Lives

It’s not unusual to believe we’ve all cycled through many past lives before. Nature, for instance, shows us cycles everywhere. There are examples of cycles in day and night, the seasons, the sun and moon, the solar system, and even atoms and electrons. Nature and science demonstrate the continuity of life and death, light and dark. What dies is eventually reborn. It would be hard to believe that human beings would be the only exception to that rule. 

Clues to Your Many Past Lives 

Keeping in line with the patterns of cycles that we see in nature, human beings have most likely reincarnated through past lives. Here are eight signs that show you’ve lived through past lives. 

Recurring Dreams

Dreams that repeat throughout a person’s life may be memories from a previous one. Dreams occur when the mind’s defenses are down, and the unconscious mind can reflect on past events, including situations from other lives. 

Out-of-place Memories

Memories of events or places that a person has never been to can indicate a past life. Some young children, for instance, have memories of places they’ve never seen and can speak languages they’ve never learned. 

A Strong Intuition

If you find that your gut instincts are relatively accurate, this may be a sign of past lives. You may unknowingly be able to access prior knowledge by balancing your conscious and unconscious parts of your mind. 

Déjà vu

The experience of déjà vu — feeling as if you have lived through a situation before — is not uncommon.  Déjà vu may happen when a person encounters a reminder of a past life. 

You are an Empath

An Empath can sense and absorb the emotions of the people around them. Being an Empath may indicate that a person has lived so many past lives that they are evolved souls operating at a higher level. 

You Feel Older Than Your Age Reflects

If others say you are an “old soul” and you’ve behaved maturely even at a young age, you may have lived a past life. Your sense of responsibility at a young age could stem from your experiences from past lives. 

You Have a Great Affinity for Certain Cultures/Time Periods/Environments

Just like we have fond memories of places or events in our childhood, you may have a strong draw to other cultures and time periods. For example, you may have a strong interest in exotic locales, time periods, or an entire culture. This liking occurs despite never having been to those areas or been part of a culture before. 

Unexplainable Fears or Phobias

Your fears or phobias may seem random to you, but they may be a carryover of frightening events from a past life. Your mind may be hanging on to negative past life memories. Through hypnosis, many people are able to use past life memories to overcome fears and help treat their phobias.

Evolving Yourself 

Just like we become more mature and gain wisdom as we age, our souls evolve and gain experience. Our souls learn valuable lessons from each consecutive life we live. Past lives are an opportunity to learn and grow from each experience. Through many past lives, we build upon the wealth of knowledge and evolve into better spiritual beings.